Our Products

bambū werx sources our product materials in an eco-friendly, sustainable manner. Where possible, we utilize natural fabrics which are organically grown and pesticide free. 

In selecting our raw material and manufacturing partners, we consider to what degree the process and the product itself impact the environment.

Sustainable manufacturing is typically a “work in progress,” so we have dedicated ourselves to making both our products and processes as clean as possible.

In the rare event that sustainable materials are not possible, we strive to communicate with full transparency in order to provide our customers with as much information as possible.

Sustainable, new plant
Bamboo forest Sustainable

bambū werx considers several aspects when thinking about packaging: how it’s made, from what materials, how we use it, and ultimately, how our customers can ultimately recycle and/or dispose of it responsibly.

In general, we aim to:

• Utilize recycled (50% minimum) and/or recyclable paper or cardboard.

• Ensure our printing utilizes earth-friendly inks.

• Minimize the overall amount of “waste” material for our customers.

Sustainable products, packaging, and processes all come at a cost (man-made materials are typically less expensive). We do our best to ensure these costs don’t get passed along to you.

Recycle Pledge

bambū werx endeavors to "practice what we preach." To that end, we are committed to recycling any materials used in the manufacturing, packaging, or shipping of our products.

If you have suggestions on how we can improve our conservation efforts, please contact us.

Sustainably Built

bambū werx is proud to partner with One Tree Planted. For every $50 in products you purchase, we’ll plant a tree somewhere around the world!