Skin-Safe, Eco-
Friendly Event Swag

Swag for the Earth Conscious

Emerald Mountain Epic and bambū werx have partnered to bring you the very best in event gear: socks, headbands, beanies, etc. All our products are constructed with bamboo, one of nature’s most sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics.

benefits of bamboo

No-Funk - our socks, headbands, and beanies won’t get smelly, as bamboo is naturally antimicrobial in nature (unlike cotton).

No Skin Irritation - bamboo is a hypoallergenic fabric, so less prone to cause skin irritation than man-made materials (e.g., nylon, polyester, rayon, etc.).

Earth-Safe - bamboo is one of nature’s most abundant plants and requires no pesticides and very little water to grow.

Like you want it...!!

All Emerald Mountain Epic logo items are custom made. We utilize high-quality embroidery for our beanies and permalast transfers for our headbands.

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