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bambū werx masks are the most comfortable and breathable masks available today!

Constructed of 75% bamboo and 25% Climacool™ fabric. 

Bamboo is extremely soft, naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and has been shown to be more effective at preventing skin irritation ("maskne") than masks made from man-made materials or cotton.

The flexible outer Climacool™ layer provides protection against sun (UPF-35), wind, and moisture.

Available in both standard and nose-flange edition (provides an extra layer of protection against eye-glass fogging).

Please see "Mask Sizing" for important guidance on picking a proper mask size. 

For a quick overview of bambū Masks, check out this nifty video:

XS = 25-49 lbs (11-21 kgs)      (fits children ages 3-5)

S = 50-74 lbs (22-33 kgs)        (fits children ages 4-8)

M = 75-124 lbs (34-56 kgs)     (fits children ages 9-12)

L = 125-179 lbs (57-79 kgs)

XL = 180-249 lbs (80-111 kgs)

XXL = 250 lbs and over (112 + kgs)

To ensure proper fit, please stretch the Mask tightly across one's face... as this will ensure proper "breathability."

bambū werx products are all designed to be reusable and are constructed from naturally grown bamboo and other high-quality performance fabrics (e.g., Climacool™).

Our products should all be hand-washed in warm water with mild detergent, then air-dried to preserve the natural softness, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic properties.

Please do not wring out your product or machine dry, as this may cause unnecessary wrinkling and/or shrinkage.

For optimal care, use one of our custom washing pouches to preserve the color and consistency of your bambū werx product.


We get it: no one likes wearing a mask... especially one that causes your face to break out.

Mask-induced acne ("maskne") is a form of skin irritation that results from wearing a mask, especially a surgical (blue paper), N95, or cotton face mask, as these fabrics tend to trap bacteria against one's skin.

Maskne is especially prevalent among healthcare, food service, and retail workers, as they are often required to wear masks for extended periods of time.

bambū werx Masks are naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, so less likely to cause skin irritation than those made from man-made materials or (bacteria-laden) cotton.

bambū werx black mask on a biker

bambū werx Masks are primarily constructed from bamboo, which is then overlaid with Climacool™ for improved performance and skin protection.

Our Masks come in a variety of styles and colors and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The bambū werx Performance Mask has been designed with a single-layer bamboo center panel for ultimate breathability.

Masks may be purchased with an additional nose-flange, which will reduce the incidence of eyeglass fogging.


Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and four times as absorbent as cotton.

Natural fiber masks have been shown to minimize skin irritation ("maskne") and reduce eyeglass fogging.

bambū werx Masks may be washed as frequently as needed to maintain cleanliness, comfort, and superior breathability.

Bamboo is a highly sustainable, earth-friendly apparel material which does not involve the use of pesticides or petroleum-based products.

Pink and black bambū werx mask on mother and daughter

**bambū werx Masks are not categorized as a medical devices and are only intended to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. To minimize the risk of infection with COVID-19, wear your bambū mask and practice other prescribed health practices including frequent hand-washing and social distancing. Otherwise, please follow any guidance and orders issued by local government authorities and workplace/institutional instructions and standards.