bamboo accessory kit

Accessory Kit

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        • Carry/Wash Pouch & Carabiner 
        • Acrylic Ear-Loop Clip
        • Replacement Ear-Loop Grommets

bambū werx products are all designed to be reusable and are constructed from naturally grown bamboo and other high-quality performance fabrics (e.g., Climacool™).

Our products should all be hand-washed in warm water with mild detergent, then air-dried to preserve the natural softness, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic properties.

Please do not wring out your product or machine dry, as this may cause unnecessary wrinkling and/or shrinkage.

For optimal care, use one of our custom washing pouches to preserve the color and consistency of your bambū werx product.


The Accessory Kit is designed for use with bambū werx Masks, Mascaras, and Bands.

These kits include a wash/carry pouch, an acrylic ear-loop clip, and replacement rubber grommets for Mask ear-loops.

The acrylic ear-loop clips are also available for sale as a stand-alone item when purchasing a Mask.

Our rubber ear-loop grommets can be used to better manage floppy ear-loops.


bambū werx pouches are designed to protect your product while washing, as abrasion can damage the bamboo fabric, reducing its softness and naturally hypoallergenic/anti-microbial properties.

Our pouches are also ideal for carrying your product in a backpack, purse, or your pocket... while keeping it from from contaminants.

Acrylic ear-loop clips provide a convenient means to affix a bambū Mask behind the head, reducing the pull ear-loops can sometimes cause on one's ears.

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