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bambū werx wristbands are ideal for athletes who need a lighter, more useful alternative to traditional cotton or man-made products.

Use our wristbands to wipe your forehead, your eyes, or your nose… all with soft, antimicrobial bamboo.

The Performance wristbands come with an integrated, flexible underside pouch that can be used to carry your car key, ID/credit card, hand sanitizer, or salt vial. Then when training or competing in high-heat environments, freeze and insert our proprietary gel-packs to help maintain lower core temperature.

All bambū werx wristband pricing is for pairs of two (2).

Small  14-15 cm
Medium 16-17 cm
Large  18-19 cm

bambū werx products are all designed to be reusable and are constructed from naturally grown bamboo and other high-quality performance fabrics (e.g., Climacool™).

Our products should all be hand-washed in warm water with mild detergent, then air-dried to preserve the natural softness, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic properties.

Please do not wring out your product or machine dry, as this may cause unnecessary wrinkling and/or shrinkage.

For optimal care, use one of our custom washing pouches to preserve the color and consistency of your bambū werx product.